Polarwood parquet in the TV-show "Pro Decor"

On Sunday August 17th TV-show «Про декор» started the project «Горы в облаках».

Project designers - Александра Штерн и Александр Гвоздиков received the task to decorate the nursery and make it suitable for comfort living for two babies.

To make the room more interesting the designers not just painted the walls but decorated them with mountains. Closer to the window the mountains are yellow, near the door – blue. Over a new crib for yet not born little girl they put a handmade canopy and decorated it by felt butterflies and artificial flowers. The ceiling was decorated with animation clouds – these are blue modules arranged in fancy pattern. They attached lamps to them. Electric cables from ceiling lamps with colorful plafonds are creatively hanging down. A boy crib is over a quite high storage system. It is equipped with the Swedish wall, and handrails for safety.

For the floor the designers have chosen the most durable and environmentally friendly floor covering - POLARWOOD parquet board POLARWOOD OAK 1S COTTAGE . The parquet board matches color and texture of light and easy interior. Polarwood parquet board is made from environmentally friendly wood which ensure children good health

We recommend it to each room in which our dear children are growing :)

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