The history of Polarwood brand began in the late 90-s. The Finnish manufacturer of parquet board - the Karelia company – that was seeking to take more advantageous positions in the markets of Western Europe, and mainly in Germany, have started development of new product. The main goal was to create high quality parquet board at attractive price. The practical Germans who have got used to thrift, wanted to receive а quality product at moderate costs. This is how the Polarwood was created.


The name “Polarwood” offered by one of the company’s managers, had to focus customer’s attention on the place of origin of the parquet board. Northern wood species feel perfectly in the European weather conditions, where cold season can last up to 6 months in a year, and when a central heating is on in the houses. In such conditions there is a high risk that parquet board can crack. Parquet manufacturers from Scandinavian countries historically pay very close attention to this matter, the wood used for production of parquet is specifically intended for the weather conditions with low degree of humidity. Due to this fact the boards keep their operational features during many years.


In the new century Polarwood brand, that is well-proven in Western Europe, has appeared in Russia, the CIS countries, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway – in the countries with even more severe weather conditions- where it gained a wide popularity within short period of time.


The first collection, which has received the name Classic, made from ash and oak with wide range of colors, has offered customers a classical design. Later, some designs were added to the product line which reflect modern design trends.


 Next collection - launched in 2014 - which has received the name Space, was inspired by space subject. As well as Classic collection, the new designs were accepted by public very warmly and some of them even became bestsellers in certain markets. The whole team of professionals took part in the development of each design. The result is an innovative design in combination with excellent operational features.


 Today Polarwood product range includes more than 30 designs of parquet boards, the brand is highly appreciated in Scandinavian countries, Russia, the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria and China. Due to the strict standards of control, modern production technologies and quality raw materials Polarwood has gained loyalty of the customers and occupied its niche in the market of parquet board.