General information

Section "Our Products" will help you to find the floor that meets your requirements.

The boards are usually installed in parallel with the direction of the room’s incoming daylight. In elongated spaces, we recommend that you install the boards in the room’s lengthwise direction. If the subfloor is wooden, the boards should be installed cross directionally to the existing floorboards.

The 14 mm 3s parquet boards are usually installed without attaching them to the subfloor to form so-called “floating” floor. This type of parquet can also be installed by gluing to the subfloor.

The boards should be interlocked along the tongue-and-groove joint (without glue). This joining method requires you to tap the boards lightly on their long side.

READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY before starting the installation work. Our warranty requires that you adhere to our installation and maintenance instructions as well as warranty terms, which can also be found in this section.

To reduce the moisture in new buildings, the rooms should be heated and ventilated for no less than one month prior to the floor installation.

The relative air humidity in the room should be 40 to 60 % and the temperature 18 to 24 °C during the installation as well as afterwards. 

Installation instructions (PDF)
Warranty (PDF)

Information letter on gluing Polarwood parquet boards to the subfloor (PDF)