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It is possible to install the parquet board on top of the heated floor. In this case the floor heat should be distributed evenly throughout the whole floor area. Start up the heating system at least two weeks prior to the floor installation. Adjust the heating system so it reaches a level of 2/3 of maximum power before installation.

Similar operation should be carried out during the summer as well. Ensure the room is well ventilated. One to two days prior to floor installation the floor heating system should be set to lower temperature (around 18 °С) and gradually adjusted back to its normal temperature during one to two weeks after installation is complete. With heated floors, the temperature of wooden floors should never exceed +27 °C under no circumstances. The maximum floor surface temperature variations within a day should be 5 °C . Thus, especially if your floor is under carpets and a water-circulated floor heating system is on, it’s necessary to measure the surface temperature after start of the circulation system.

Floor heating causes the floor surface to dry up and induces additional wood contraction. The relative humidity of room air should be maintained at 40 to 60 % throughout all seasons to maintain the wooden floor in immaculate condition. When the relative air humidity drops below 30 %, it may cause the boards and surface lamellas to part and even to chip if the humidity continues to drop. Beech, maple and jatoba react more intensely to variations in relative air humidity than other wood species, making it inadvisable to install them on top of heated floor. Similarly, these wood species are particularly susceptible to the effects of external humidity (kitchen, foyer)..